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Traingle Tube

Triangle Tube is a manufacturer of superior high efficiency home heating products. Their product line ranges from condensing boilers, direct fired water heaters, combination heaters and heat exchangers. They are one of the top performing home heating product manufactures due to their innovative double walled (tank in tank) designs and use of hygienic stainless steel in all of their products. Many of their products have high heating efficiency ratings and are a healthier choice versus other manufactures that use inner tank enamel coatings.

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Rinnai tankless water heaters are designed to provide endless hot water on demand for both residential and commercial uses. Their unique design is a great solution for new or existing homes requiring a small storage space, as the units can be wall mounted. Tankless water heating systems by Rinnai are 30% more cost effective for home owners because of their coiled water heating design versus other traditional gas hot water tanks which maintain constant water temperature.

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Reliable high performing quality connectors and valves are a necessity when designing and building a high efficient water heating system. At GTA Heating, we depend on a variety of products from Watts such as expansion tanks, valves and connectors to provide years of trouble free service for our customers.

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Rehau is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of PEX piping for use in heating and plumbing systems. Rehau high quality PEX piping, heavy duty manifolds and connectors are used in radiant floor heating system or outdoor snow and ice melting applications. Rehau is a solid choice for dependable low cost maintenance free hydronic heating for residential or commercial uses. At GTA Heating we design and install our radiant heating systems to provide long-term performance and reliability.

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Stelrad radiators are the perfect choice for traditional or designer quality radiator heating systems. Quality and high performance heating radiators designed to be inspirational and functional are the perfect compliment for any home retro fit or new installation. Stelrad designs radiators offer many different sizes and styles to fit any radiator heated home or commercial applications.

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Heat Controller Inc. manufactures a wide range of home and commercial air handlers. At GTA Heating we know that their hydronic air handlers offer great value and are very dependable. They offer three series for different applications for keeping your home or work space warm. Contact us for more information and installation for the specific series and model that would best fulfill your heating needs.

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Tekmar Controls are typically used in hydronic (water distributed) heating systems to adjust the level of comfort and reliability. You will often find Tekmar controls in homes that have in-floor heating installed. The addition of control for snow melt systems and forced air heating provides for an all-inclusive system. GTA Heating will select integrated components that range from thermostats and sensors to outdoor reset controls and automatic snow & ice detectors; depending on your individual system design.

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EnerWorks designs and manufactures high efficient solar heating systems for residential and commercial application. EnerWorks is North America's leading solar technology provider. Its proven, patented technology offers a reliable all-season solar technology that will improve your home's energy efficiency without compromising comfort. With increasing energy costs, solar water heating is one of the best ways you can save money on your utility bill as well as help our environment.

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Veismann Vitosol - Solar Products

Vitosol solar products are dependable high efficient energy saver.  With the new high efficiency Sol-titanium coating solar energy harvest is now even more efficient. Durable, corrosion resistant construction using materials such as powder coated aluminum, copper and stainless steel, as well as 3.2 mm special low-iron solar glass ensure a long service life and maintain high efficiency for years to come.

Vitosol products are great for your home and the environment, help make a difference that counts!

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IBC Technologies - GTA Heating Installer and Dealer


IBC Technologies is an award winner for the innovative design of its wall-mounted condensing boilers. IBC uses the best components in designing their product to ensure high reliability and durability over the lifetime of the boiler. From its 316 Titanium stabilized stainless steel heat exchanger/pressure vessel to its FeCrAlloy™ mesh burner, allow for a efficiency rating of 92.6 % AFUE. Wide modulation range reaches a low 15,000 Btu/hr for light seasonal loads and up to 150,000BTU if needed, while retaining full capacity for the most demanding of loads.

A Canadian made dependable boiler that saves energy and keeps your monthly gas cost low.

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Navien Heating Products

Navien condensing tankless water heaters offers High-Tech comfort in an energy efficient and cost saving design. These units have the highest efficiency rating among gas water heaters – AFUE 98% which results in heating 20% more hot water with the same amount of gas. The range of Navien tankless boilers offer excellent savings and help contribute and promote an eco-friendly environment. Navien’s products are simply the best in quality and performance, backed by an industry best warranty.

Contact us to find the best model for your home heating and hot water needs.

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Viessmann unique Comfort Saver Series is a line of premium condensing boilers. Vitodens 100 and 200 models are rated at 95.1% AFUE. At full-modulation the natural gas stainless steel cylinder burner is reliable, whisper-quiet and has produces low-emission combustion. The Vitodens 100 burners are factory-calibrated to save time and to ensure optimized combustion right from the start. Adjustable LCD display control interface makes tuning and adjusting the boiler easy.
Viessmann manufactures a comprehensive range of advanced hot water heating products.

The Vitodens 100 and 200 models are the perfect combination of value and quality.

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Northwest Systems

North West Systems Thermal Mass enhances the luxury and efficiency of under floor heating. Thermal Mass is a medium that provides a fast response to the heating system, once cured has excellent sound dampening acoustics characteristics which help make your home quieter and it is ULC listed which makes your home more fire resistance as an extra safety feature. The Thermal Mass allows for smooth transitions between floor coverings as the height can be adjusted. When Thermal Mass bonds to the substrate, it strengthens and stiffens the structure, making it a solid strong floor with a compressive strength that is rated at 2,500 psi.

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