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Have GTA Heating service and tune-up your furnace before the cold weather arrives. This will not only ensure that you stay warm during the winter months, but will also save you money by using less fuel to heat your home. Invest a little now and save a lot in the winter months. It’s a smart move and a great way to avoid aggravation during the cold months.



Over time the efficiency rating of your boiler system starts to degrade due to dirt and carbon buildup. When this happens, your boiler system needs to work twice as hard to keep your water hot. By having your boiler serviced and cleaned annually, will help to reduce your chances of it failing completely and requiring you to purchase a new boiler or replace expensive parts. GTA Heating technicians are approved and experienced to perform regular maintenance on most major brand named equipment.


Tankless hot water heaters save energy and money but they need to be working close to their efficiency ratings to do so. With any equipment that burns natural gas, propane or oil as a fuel source there is byproduct or residue that builds up overtime due to the combustion process. This residue is responsible for degrading the efficiency of your heating system. By having it removed and cleaned by a GTA Heating technician is a simple and sure way to maintain the manufactures specified efficiency rating. The other culprit for a low performing water heating system is wear and tear on parts. A faulty part that is not functioning correctly can degrade your system performance by 10% - 30% or even cause a complete failure and in the long run cost you more money.


At GTA Heating we install and are experienced in fixing radiant heat systems. We can identify leaking tube and cost effective ways to fix them, as well as maintain the boiler system for peak efficiency. We can also extend the coverage of your heating system to include a snow melt system for drive ways and walk ways. Trust GTA Heating to get the job done fast and correct the first time.


If your snow melt system is not working correctly, let GTA Heating identify and fix the problem. We have installed many radiant heating and snow melt systems and understand how to fix them. Our technicians are certified by the manufactures to service as well as repair any of the hardware used in your heating system. We can recommend and suggest low cost effective ways to fix and repair your snow melt system or even give you advice on upgrading components.

GTA Heating Thermal Imaging Service
Thermal Imaging by GTA Heating Toronto Ontario

At GTA Heating we offer Thermal Imaging services to improve your home heating and cooling efficiency. We do not guess at the possible causes, but pin point the areas of your home that leak warm air during cold months or cool air during hot months. By having our technician view your homes structure thermally, we can give you sound advice on how to improve your home ability to maintain stable room temperatures, thus saving you money on heating and cooling costs. Book your appointment today and start saving immediately.

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Trust GTA Heating to install a direct natural gas connection to an outlet on the side of your house. Use the connection to fuel an over head heating lamp for cooler fall months and extend your patio season or simply use it for the BBQ. At GTA Heating our technician will install and locate the fuel outlet where ever you would like as well as install a safety lever to turn off the flow of gas during the off season. Never worry about having enough propane or rushing to finish your cooking again.


GTA Heating technicians are qualified to install solar heating systems. If you have an existing heating system already installed in your home, we can give you an estimate on a specific repair and/or make suggestions for updating older systems with newer solar technology. Talk to us about ways to extend the use of solar heating for your home or to give you sound advice for going green.